My entry for Loop de loop for the 'childhood' theme. Mine was about all the dangerous things we did as children growing up in the Adelaide Hills and somehow survived. You can see more wonderful loops for this theme and others at Music: 'Cow' by The Dairy Brothers.

Loop de loop is a bi-monthly animation challenge with a simple theme to respond to. Here are a few of my entries.

Loop de loop put out the theme "FACES" for DEC/JAN. Our new shared animation studio space in Melbourne happens to be full of stylish stud-hunky animator men who have no idea how to use Tinder, so we all animated ourselves. There are also a few sneaky guest appearances from other animator friends. Thanks to Courtney Kim from down the hall for her voice and Willie Bidstrup for the music. See more faces loops and screening times at... ...or on the loopdeloop vimeo at... The tigers are... Aaron McDonald Ben Ommundson Julian Frost Paul Robertson Ivan Dixon Chris Edser Felix Colgrave Andrew Onorato

My Loop de loop "twist" submission. Thanks to Willie Bidstrup for the groovy jungle beats. Also, go to this much more reputable source to find out about how palm oil production affects Orangutans and what you can do... Or you can take my animation 100% literally. Either way it's a sad situation. Visit to see more great submissions to their bi-monthly animation challenge.